You have dental questions... we have answers.

Read our Frequently Asked Questions below to see if we have the answers you're looking for! Can't find the information that you need? Give us a call instead.

Are you accepting new patients?

Yes. We're happy to accept new patients. We are excited to provide new and existing patients with a one of a kind dental experience and cutting-edge dental care. We look forward to meeting you!


Do you offer weekend or late appointments?

Yes, Evening and weekend appointments can be made on demand after discussing with our scheduling team.

Emergency calls apply!


Is your office accessible to patients with disabilities?

Absolutely. Please let us know ahead of time if there are any special arrangements you or a loved one require. We are happy to accommodate you in any way we can.


What is your cancellation or rescheduling policy?

We request that you contact our office 48 hours prior to your appointment. Late cancellations and No-Show appointments will be discussed on an individual basis, a re-booking fee may apply.


What do I need to bring to my first appointment?

You'll need to bring in the following:
-Your completed new patient forms
-A photo ID and insurance card
-Dental x-rays taken in the past 6/mo
-A list of current medications and medical conditions
-Phone number of your PCP

We are happy and acknowledge your bravery for scheduling a visit with us. Our promise is to be a safe place to share and experience growth and transformation. Your story matters and please help us know how we can best help alleviate dental anxiety from past traumatic experiences.

We are happy to welcome you to our practice. We'll start by taking a complete medical and dental history and will ask you about any current concerns. Our team will obtain cutting-edge diagnostic information in hopes to create a well-rounded picture of your dental situation. Cutting-edge 3-D X-rays, Digital X-rays, 3-D impressions, and High-Definition photography will be included in your first visit. We will evaluate every detail from your basic needs of healthy gums and teeth, how the teeth function and how they fit into your smile. We'll also perform head and neck cancer examinations, TMJ analysis, and functional bite analysis.  

Our dental hygienist will act as a “Gum Doctor” who assesses your gingival health, helps educate in whole body relationship of inflammation and then remove plaque and tartar buildups for clean, white teeth and fresh breath. Additional services may include fluoride to aid in cavity prevention, rinses to aid in gum health, special tooth paste for sensitivity and tooth whitening for vibrant confident smiles.

At the conclusion of your appointment, Dr. Blyth will sit with you and review all your diagnostics and we will discuss any concerns related to current and long term dental health. Our focus is prevention and conservative intervention. We promise to give options to solve your unique needs. Our goal of maintaining dental health for 100 years is lofty and will require an open minded approach, please be open to learning new information and take home what is pertinent and relevant to your current situation.

According to the American Dental Association, you should schedule dental visits at intervals determined by your dentist. In general, patients require twice-yearly exams and cleanings. However, some patients with gum disease or those at a higher risk of developing dental problems will require more frequent appointments. Our team will evaluate your unique needs and recommend the ideal frequency of visits to maintain your healthy smile.

Yes. It is extremely important to care for your oral health, especially during your pregnancy. Before scheduling your first appointment, we ask that you obtain a release from your doctor, clearing you to receive dental care. Dr. Blyth began his career with an office focused on dental health of pregnant mothers, a very thoughtful and consciousness approach is important at Aesthetic Smiles of Queen Creek.

Even if you don't have any symptoms of dental problems, your routine dental exams and cleanings are critical for maintaining optimal oral health. If you skip oil changes in your car for many years the engine will break, the mouth shares a similar but arbitrary time frame for maintenance. Exams and cleanings help detect and prevent problems in their earliest stages before they produce symptoms and lower the risk of new tooth decay or gum disease. Maintaining proper oral hygiene care at home and keeping up with your routine dental visits are the best ways to promote healthy smiles for life. Electric Toothbrushes and Waterpik cleaning devices are highly advised in between cleanings.

Most individuals require twice-yearly dental exams and cleanings. However, it's important to schedule an appointment between routine visits if you have signs or symptoms of dental problems. These include tooth pain or sensitivity, red or bleeding gums, damaged dental work, persistent bad breath, a dry mouth, facial pain or swelling, a sore that won't heal, or any other concerns. Our team will evaluate your condition and recommend the best course of treatment.

If you have a dental emergency, we'll do everything we can to provide a same-day appointment. Please call our emergency number for guidance if you need urgent dental care outside our office hours.

A dental emergency is a situation requiring urgent care to relieve severe pain, treat an infection, save a tooth, or control bleeding. Our highly trained and experienced team is fully equipped and prepared to deal with different dental emergencies.

We invite you to call us right away if you feel you require urgent dental care. However, if you or a loved one experience a life-threatening emergency such as uncontrolled bleeding or a fractured jaw, call 911 or head to your nearest emergency room.

We understand that many of our patients are fearful of the dentist. If fear and anxiety are a factor, please let us know you only want to talk on your first visit, we will plan our schedule to have ample time to discuss all issues and have no rush to complete any treatment that first day. We can explore the nature of your specific anxiety and how we can best help you through any challenges or difficulties.

We recommend brushing your teeth with fluoride toothpaste at least twice daily. You should also floss thoroughly at least once a day. Maintaining proper oral hygiene practices will lower your risk of tooth decay and gum disease. As prevention is our primary focus, we will educate on the latest products and modalities to prevent dental disease in the first place.