Cameron Blyth, DMD

Growing up in Montana, Dr. Cameron Blyth was active playing sports, exploring the outdoors and never sitting still. Montana is known for “Good People'' and quickly you will realize how everyone in the office is welcomed and treated like family. Empathy is a virtue for Dr. Blyth. After high school he went on to Montana State University in Bozeman and obtained a Cell biology and Neuroscience degree. In the process he shadowed many dentists in the area and ultimately decided to dedicate himself to dentistry.

After exploring dental schools across the country Dr. Blyth chose A.T. Still University in Mesa, AZ for its dedication to technology, innovative curriculum and community service. During the four years Dr Blyth was able to spend over six months traveling the country working in underserved areas, spending time in hospitals learning oral surgery, and shadowing world renowned Dr’s. A certificate in Public health was part of A.T. Still Curriculum and Dr. Blyth has since gone on to do a medical mission in the Koh Rung Islands of Cambodia!

Upon Graduation from dental school in 2011, Dr. Blyth quickly realized the education and growth had only started and would be a life long endeavor. He has since completed years of advanced education in clear aligner braces, Implants, comprehensive smile design, and root canals and 3-D technology.

A bit more personal...

For anyone who knows Dr. Blyth, he is not able to be average at anything. His golf handicap is around 3, has run multiple half marathons and works out in his garage gym at 5 am almost everyday. He is humble in his abilities and confident in himself and his ability to tackle any challenge. To stay sharp and focused he regularly uses an Ice Bath, Sauna, and meditation. His list of supplements and diet is unique and rare. His hidden passion is disease prevention and knowledge of health and longevity is second to none.

On the surface he likes to joke, to play, to talk about his two wonderful children, wife, and mother. If he had all the time in the world, he would be rough housing the kids, playing golf, snowboarding, gardening, reading, traveling and exploring. Ordinary is the antithesis of Dr. Blyth, he is not one for elevator talk, he likes art, science, philosophy, creative expression, and knowing his patients on a deeper level. So be prepared for a different dental experience, one that can change the course of your life in ways you weren’t prepared for.